Eat this you will get lots of benefits

We all are fond of rice very much. Even children love rice too much. If we have to cook something immediately then we prefer rice. Rice can be eaten with different vegetables also. But before this, we must know the history of rice. Nobody knows about this.
The scientific name of rice is Oryza Sativa. The family of rice is Gramineae. The origin of rice in South East Asia. Sowing time of Aus/Autumn rice is March or April. Sowing time of Aman rice is May or June. Sowing time of Boro rice in December or January. Aman rice is also known as Kharif or Winter rice. Boro rice also is known as Summer rice. The test weight of basmati rice is 21gm.

Rice is a self-pollinated short-day plant. First, the developed rice variety is T-N-1. Jagannath is the mutant variety of T.N-141. A maximum rice exporter in the world is Thailand. The highest productivity of rice in the world is Japan. The fruit of rice is known as Caryopsis. Widely used nitrogenous fertilizer in rice is Ammonium Sulphate. The gas emits from the rice field is Methane. The miracle rice of India is Jaya. Rice contains 2-2.5% fat. Rice is the second main food grain after wheat. Rice crop requires a hot and humid climate. Clay loam soil is better for rice cultivation.

What is the proper way to eat rice?

We should eat rice with curd. There are so many benefits of eating rice with curd. Nobody believes that it can benefit too much.

Some of the benefits of eating curd with rice are:

1. It helps in reducing weight.
2. Eating a bowl of curd rice prevents hunger pangs.
3. Curd rice relieves abdominal pain caused due to constipation.
4. It minimizes the side effect caused by the antibiotics of fever.
5. It promotes healthy digestion.
6. Because of the antioxidants properties of curd, it helps the brain to deal with pain and emotions by improving your mood.

How can you prepare rice?

There are two methods to prepare rice.

The first method is :

Soak rice in water for 1 hour. Then boil it and check after ten minutes whether the rice has boiled properly or not. If it gets boiled then rinse the water from rice. This type of rice is fat-free. This benefits a lot. You can also take it at dinner also. It gets easily digested. It is very easy to prepare this.

The second method is:

Soak rice in water for 1 hour.
Then in a pressure cooker put oil, salt and red chili according to taste. You can also put some cloves, black pepper. Now put rice in the cooker and pour water double the quantity of your rice.
Wait for one whistle and your rice is ready to eat. This type of rice contains some fat. It is better if you take it at lunch.

Now at Indian airports also curd rice is available. Due to COVID-19 people love to eat simple and beneficial food. As curd rice having so many benefits so people are interested to eat it.
Curd itself having so many benefits and with rice, it gains some extra benefits.
So we should also include curd rice in our diet.

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