Eat this , Corona will not touch you

At the time of coronavirus, everybody wants to boost their immunity so that they can remain safe from coronavirus.
We have got the herbs as a gift of God that can boost our immunity. Herbs are very beneficial to us.
Some of the herbs are:
1. Drumstick Plant: It boosts memory and immunity, improves concentration, regulates blood sugar.

2. Shatavari: It helps to boost the immune system. It also helps to relieve cough.

3. Glloy: It is very useful for diabetic patients. It boosts our immunity also.

4. Aloe Vera: It is very useful for your skin and hair. If you drink aloe vera juice in the morning it helps to boost immunity.

5. Curry Leaves: It helps to lose weight. It is very beneficial for the diabetic patients.
Use these herbs in your daily life to stay healthy.

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