Do 3-5 old year children need online classes?

At this time nobody can go outside. Everybody has to sit at home and do their work. Children can not move outside to play. They can not go to school. They have to study from home only.
They have to attend online classes.
But the children who are only 3-5 years of age are suffering a lot in these online classes. They can not sit in front of the laptop for 5-6 hours continuously. They don't know how to operate it. They don't take any interest in the class and start playing games.
Every time parents have to sit with them. Every parent is complaining about this to the teachers. A one-year loss is not a big deal for these small children. 
For preschool children, only video interaction should be there so that they can enjoy learning.
They don't feel it as stress. Parents can also teach some activities and storytelling to their children.
We are facing too many difficulties but to remain safe we have to stay at home only.

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