COVID-19 vaccine :Will it come by 15 August 2020 or not ?

As we know that the whole world is suffering from coronavirus. So many cases have been raised till now. People have lost their lives also. Nobody can move outside. Children are locked in their homes. There is no physical activity for children at all. Livelihood is suffering too much because of this coronavirus. Everybody is using masks and sanitizers to protect themselves from coronavirus.
For senior citizens and for kids it is very dangerous, so they are advised to stay at home.
The government is also doing efforts to protect the people from coronavirus. The government has declared lockdown also but this is not the solution.
Everybody has to move outside for earning. Everbody is taking precautions to save themselves.

On which date will the coronavirus vaccine come?

This is a very big question in front of all of us. Doctors are doing their best to find the vaccine.
ICMR sets the 15 August 2020 deadline for this vaccine. According to them, it will take one month trial.
But, the question is that should we get the vaccine by 15 August 2020 or not.

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  1. I don't think vaccine would be ready by 15th August

  2. Hope for the best that we get it by 15 August.

  3. Let's hope for the best. I think it may take take fir the proper trial - phase 3 but I believe it can be used for critical cases