Bihar wedding emerges as a spread of COVID-19


A wedding in a village in the Paliganj sub-division of Patna district emerged as a super spreader of COVID -19. The groom was suffering from fever. He attended his pre-wedding shoots after taking paracetamol. He and his family were taking it very lightly. They were not serious at all. They were not following COVID-19 guidelines. After 2 days of the wedding, the groom got died. Without the test of coronavirus, his body was cremated.
After this everybody was tested for coronavirus and 111 people were found to be positive but the bride was found negative. They have broken all the rules and regulations made by the government for COVID-19.
Even all the members from the bride's side were also tested. All the decorators and everybody was tested for COVID-19.
This a very difficult step for the government of Bihar. After one week a camp helped to test every person for COVID-19. That area was declared as a containment zone.

Please follow the guidelines of COVID-19 to stay safe. Use mask, sanitizer, and don't move out unnecessarily from your house. Don't go to crowded places.

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  1. Yes we need to stay home and follow the guidelines

  2. If wewant safe we have to stay at home