Ban of Tik Tok : Is it a trouble or not?

India has banned some Chinese apps.TikTok is one of them. There were lots of people on the TikTok.The Bollywood celebrities were also thereon the TikTok.
We have got so many stars from the TikTok only. Some of the people were doing great work to become famous and they want to increase their followers.
Now, the TikTok is banned.
What will they do?
Do they migrate to some other platform?
This is a very big problem for tik tokers.
They have to move towards Instagram and Youtube. They have to increase their followers on these sites.
Because of the TikTok, these two sites were lagging behind in a race.
They can also try other Indian apps which are just like TikTok i.e TikTik, Chingari.
Some people were earning from TikTok and there is a big issue for them what will they do now?
The option left with them is that only, they have to do a lot of hard work to increase their followers on Instagram and Youtube.

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  1. Youtube or Insta never lagged behind tiktok. Tiktok was a myth from starting which is gone far away now.