Best Hollywood Action Movies

Hollywood Action Movies: Action movies are loved by all. Everybody likes to see stunt, actions performing by their favorite heroes. And in today’s time, everybody is interested to watch Hollywood movies.
Kids are also interested in that. At some part watching Hollywood movies are very good if you watch them in English. They help to improve some part of our English also.

So today there is a list of best Hollywood action movies:

1.The Dark Knight: This a superhero action movie. It is a part of the Batman series. In this movie, the villain is most liked by the people. The action in this movie is incomparable.

2.Mad Max Fury Road: The story is related to a mad person and mad woman and both of them stuck somewhere, so lets who will win the race to come out. This movie is full of actions, thrill, drama.

3.Edge of tomorrow: There is a different level of action.Tom Cruse is there in this movie who is famous for his actions so this movie is fill with lots of actions.

4.Gladiator: It is a very popular, epic drama film. The story of the film is very interesting. Violent action scenes are there in this movie. Don't miss these types of action films.

5. Kill Bill: This movie is based on Marshal Art. You will become a fan of this movie after watching the actions of this movie. The second part of the film has been also released “Kill Bill2”.

6.The Raid Redemption: The theme, story concept of this movie is very unique. It is full of actions.

7.Baby Driver: The concept depends on cars chasing just like Fast n Furious. In this movie car stunts are there and who love car stunts and car chasing must watch this.

8.Looper: The story is very interesting and it represents the contract killers. It is focused on Looper. The concept, action of this movie is very interesting.

9. Olympus Has Fallen: This movie is a combo of action and thrill. It is the story of a secret agent. This is the first part and the second part is London Has Fallen and the third part is Angel Has Fallen.

10.Triple Frontier: Stories of five persons working in a force and they used to think now its time to do something for themselves. This movie is full of actions, thrill and you seriously will enjoy the action of this movie.

You all must watch all these action movies. You will enjoy this.

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