Solar Eclipse

What is an elcipse?
When sun, moon, earth comes in a straight line during revolution then it is called eclipse.

What is solar eclipse?
When during an eclipse the shadow of the moon reflects on earth , then, it is called solar eclipse.
The shadow of the moon consist of darker part is called umbra and lighter part is called penumbra.

A solar eclipse happen when the sun rays are blocked so that it can not reach to earth.

According to Hindu mythology there was a Rahu who drank 'amrit' and hold it in his neck then the God Vishnu flies his head off into the sky and he was cursed that he would swallow the sun causing an eclipse.

Some people used to believe that solar eclipse is the angry part of the God and it can cause Disaster and destruction.
Fear of the solar eclipse exist today also. Pregnant women and young children are advised not to go outside. Old people used to say don't eat anything during an eclipse , it can be poisonous.
But scientist used to say that till now there is no such proof that solar eclipse has an impact on the health of the people.

There are four types of solar eclipse:

1. When moon completely covers the sun's surface.
2. Partial Eclipse    : The moon passes in front of the sun but it does not cover the full surface of sun.
3. Annular Eclipse : It occurs when the moon passes directly in front of the sun.
4. Hybrid Eclipse  : It occurs when moon's position between earth and sun is balanced in such a way that curvature of the earth plays a role.

As everybody knows that there will be a solar eclipse on 21 June 2020 and according to astrologers this eclipse will be having some bad impacts and some good impacts.

Eclipse start time :         10:04 a.m
Maximum eclipse time : 11:42 a.m
Eclipse end time:           1:32 p.m

According to astrologers:

If eclipse covers sun upto 75% its after effects will come after 6 months.
If eclipse covers sun 75% to 90% its after effects will come after 3-4 months.
If eclipse cover sun above 90% its after effects will come from day of eclipse upto 2 months.

Don't see solar eclipse with the naked eyes otherwise it can damage your eyes. Always use telescope or special type of goggles are there to see the solar eclipse.

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