Reasons for hair fall

Hair fall, Hair fall ,  the biggest problem of today's life.

Why does it happen? What are the reasons behind it?

We all are worried about the hair fall. At least we should know the reasons of hair fall.

There are some reasons of hair fall:

Too much of stress : If a person takes too much stress, tensions , then it affects the hair.

Anemia : If a person does not take iron in his diet , then he can suffer from deficiency of iron that is called anemia , which results into hair fall.

Thyroid: The person suffering from thyroid will also suffer from hair fall.

Less protein : We have to take protein diet. If protein is not there in our diet or less in our diet it will result into hair fall.

Genetic : The problem of hair fall is genetic. If in your family any body is having a problem of hair fall then you can also possess that.

Hormonal changes : At a particular age , there is a change in the hormones and the change in hormones can result into hair fall.

Styling the hairs : We prefer too many hair styles but these styles can damage our hairs and results in to hair fall.

Over washing of hairs : Basically in summers we used to wash our hair daily. But this daily hair wash can damage our hair and results into hair fall.

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