Pros and Cons of Virtual classes

As we all know that in today's time due to corona virus we can not go out. We have to stay home to stay safe. Children can not go outside for their activity classes. They can not attend the school.
For everything there are online classes and children are attending those classes.
As we have no other option left so our children are attending these classes but these virtual classes or online classes have some pros and cons.

Pros of virtual classes:

1.Distant student can easily get the education.
2.It minimizes the travel.
3.Online learning has no geographical barrier.
4.It does not require any infrastructure to teach students.
5.It is free from boring lectures methods.
6.It includes other methods like demonstration, project methods etc.

Cons of virtual classes:

1.Classroom interaction is missing.
2.Everyone is not able to run internet.
3.Rural people or students can not access computers.
4.There is no relationship of pupil teacher.
5.Student has to learn alone.
6.It is very harmful for eyes.
7.Sometimes slow internet speed is the biggest failure.

Although there are some negatives of online classes but to stay safe we have no other option to keep our-self active, so we all are attending online classes.

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  1. Good content to watch out the pros and cons for the ongoing online classes amid this pandemic.

  2. There is no other option in this covid period to connect with the students.

  3. Otherwise no solution in covid 19