Meditation is related to swasthya. When we used to say that we are healthy it doesn't mean that we are fit.
Actually , health is a word which is derived from the word 'healing.' Means when we get recover from illness then we used to say that we are healthy.
But , the word swasthya doesn't mean that. Swasthya is not just a health. It is like that one has settled within oneself.

Meditation is the state of mind. Our mind totally jumps either in past or in future, but to live our present we have to do meditation.It is the training of the mind. It relaxes our mind. It relieves physical pain and suffering.
During meditation happy hormones are released. and it activates chakras in our body.

Benefits of meditation:

1. It strengthen our immune system.
2. It reduces inflammation.
3. It also helps us focus our attention and feel less controlled by thoughts or feelings that seem challenging.

Our ancestors used to do meditation regularly that's why their immune system works properly and they were known about all the chakras present in our body.

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