Kiwi Benefits

 Kiwi is also called kiwifruit is power packed with a lot of nutrition in a small package.

It is not only loaded with nutrients but also is very tasty.

It is a sight for the eyes and the refreshing flavour  makes it a flavoured choice among fruits.

It has a firm brownish skin with small hairs like structures on the outside. This skin needs to be removed below which is the juicy fruit, mostly green in color with dark small seeds in the inside.

Kiwi fruit also works wonderfully  well in boosting your immunity. The fruit helps fight oxidative stress and promotes beneficial immune responses.

The main nutrients present in Kiwi and their health benefits are as follows:

1. It is an excellent source of Vitamin C . The high Vitamin C content in kiwis may aid asthama
Vitamin C is very potent antioxidant and helps in preventing the damage caused by destructive 
free radicals which lead to a number of diseases such as cancer, blocks in blood vessels providing
blood to heart.
Intake of Kiwi found to have a protective affect on children with wheezing and asthama.

2. Promote Digestion : Now a days , the digestive aids for healthy individuals and for conditions such as constipation and other disorders can be improved by the intake of Kiwi.
The fibre present in Kiwis helps to promote digestion.
Kiwis also contain potassium an important electrolyte that also helps in digestion.
Another major contributing factor here is actinidin , an enzyme found in kiwi fruit.
This enzyme also aids digestion.

3. Lutein : Kiwi fruit contains a type of phytochemical is called lutein.
Luetin helps prevent age related , loss of sight and safeguard eyes, thus promoting healthy vision.

4. Antioxidants : In addition to Vitamin C, Kiwi contains many antioxidants which are responsible for preventing various types of diseases and disorders such as heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, delay ageing etc.

The fibre in Kiwi fruit helps fight cancer- more specifically cancer of digestive system.

Kiwi is rich in potassium a nutrient essential for a healthy heart.

The fruit also has high water content making it an ideal addition to a diabeties diet.

5. Kiwi contains Vitamin C which is essential for collagen production. It produces connective tissues and firms your skin.

  • How to select a Kiwi Fruit? 
   Select a firm and unbruised fruit. Avoid buying soft fruit or the one with creased or blemished skin.

  • How to store a Kiwi Fruit?
   This fruit keeps for many days when   stored at room temperature. It may stay good for around 4 weeks if refrigerated at home.
   However, eating it as fresh as possible is recommended for maximum benefits.

  • How to incorporate Kiwi into yor diet?
        1. You can blend Kiwis with other fruits and have a nice soothing smoothie.
        2. You can freeze slices of Kiwi fruit and eat them in place of your regular desert.
        3. Slice the Kiwi fruit into cubes and drizzle some honey over them. You can take it as afternoon snack .

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