Kadha to increase immunity

In today's time immunity power of everybody is low. If your immunity is low you can easily come in contact with infections.
And as all of us know this thing that at this time immunity should be high so that no infection ,no virus can catch us easily.
The kadha which we people are making in today's time is an almost old practice.  Our ancestors used to made this kadha and they were very fit because their immunity was high so no infection could come near them.

The ingredients used to make kadha having so much of benefits:

1. Ginger - It is very beneficial for our health. It improves digestion and ginger tea is best for cold, cough.

2. Cloves - It helps in the relief of tooth ache and helps in digestion.

3. Black pepper - It is having rich antioxidant properties. It helps to fight against cancer.

4. Candamom - It lowers the blood sugar and helps to fight against cancer.

5. Basil leaves- It is the gift of God which itself is having too much benefits. It reduces cholesterol and increases the immunity to fight against infections.

6. Dry Ginger(Sonth)- It lowers the blood pressure and helps in digestion.

Quantity of ingredients to make kadha:

Ginger -  1/2 tablespoon (crushed)
Water -  2 Glasses
Cloves - 2-3 pieces
Candamom- 1 stick
Basil leaves- 4-5 leaves
Dry Ginger - 1/2 tea spoon


1. Put two glasses of water in pan.
2. Add ginger.
3. Add cloves.
4. Add candamon.
5. Add basil leaves.
6. Add dry ginger.
7. Boil it for 5 minutes.
8. Strain it.
9. Drink it like a tea.

If kids don't like its taste then you can add honey for them. Honey is sweet in taste and having too much benefits also.
Drink kadha daily to boost your immunity.

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