Justice for Jayaraj and Fenix

Jayaraj was the father of Fenix. They were living happily in South India. They were having a happy family. They were having their own shop.
During this epidemic of coronavirus when police were on patrolling and they saw that shop was open.
They argued with them and leave their shop. On next morning the police came to their shop and arrested Jayraj and Fenix because they were arguing or their shop was closed late. Only that was the reason to arrest them or some other reason was there. This all happened in Tuticorin.
The police tortured him very badly. According to Miss Suchitra who is a singer in South India said that the issues or problems of South India became the issue of South India only because the people living here don't know English. Why is this so?
This news was not there in detail in North India. Fenix's father was badly treated in front of him.
Their knees were completely crushed and their faces were pushed against a wall. Their blood-soaked clothes were sent to their house and demanded new clothes. At last the police said that one of them was died due to heart failure and another one due to high fever.
This was extremely very bad and shameful.  Against this torture two copes were suspended and others have been transferred.
But, this is not the solution, this is not justice.
Its a request to Alani Swami, chief minister of Tamil Nadu that please do justice for Jayaraj and Fenix


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