Is it safe to stay in hotel?

During this epidemic of coronavirus, everybody is sitting at their home. Now some people want to move outside but the question comes in their mind is that where should they stay?

Is it safe to book a hotel and stay?
So many questions are arising in mind what precautions they have taken against this coronavirus, whether it is sanitized or not, and so many questions are also there related to staff also.

Now, firstly we have to see which place we are considering? Which hotel we are opting for. Then we have to check whether in that hotel precautions have been taken or not.
The face of the staff should be covered.

Some hotels are updating their details on the website also. You can check from there also. Some hotels have included hand sanitizers station in their lobbies, removing extra items from the rooms.

If the hotels are taking these all precautions then only they can protect their customers and themselves from coronavirus and then only the customer can stay in a hotel without any fear.

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