In next year number of babies will be less or more?

Lockdown is started from March 2020 and everybody was predicting that there will be more babies in the coming year.
Is it true?

No, it's not true. At this time everybody is suffering from tensions and worries. Everybody wants to be healthy so that they can put themselves away from coronavirus.
After staying at home everybody is worried about their jobs, their older relatives, their mortgage, and personal safety.
At this high time, no young couple is in a mood to plan a baby. A survey showed that there will be fewer babies next year.
At this time everybody is panic about their careers and expectation of lifetime earnings.
Economic conditions strongly affect the birth rate because the future parents have to balance the joy of parenthood with its costs. A higher unemployment rate drives down the birth rate. The future parents will also be worried about their child's health so they don't want to have a baby at this epidemic time.
When we are free from this epidemic then only the birth rate can increase otherwise it is very difficult to maintain balance in life.

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