How to handle kids during lockdown?

As everybody knows corona virus is spreading too much and schools are closed from March 2020.
This is very challenging for parents also, to convince their child not to go outside, wash hands again and again.
At this time kids are facing too many problems. They can not go outside. Thay can not study full time. But at this time parents have to be very patient with them. Don't feel stress and don't feel your child burden on you.
You are everything for them and the safest place for them . This is hard time for kids too.
Give them time, love, play with them, talk to them.

Involve your kids in different activities to make them creative:

1.  Create a schedule.
2.  Draw your favourite cartoon character.
3.  Design and make book marks.
4.  Design different types of masks.
5.  Involve them in different types of drawings.
6.  Practice writing for best handwriting.
7.  Try to write a letter to someone special.
8.  Try to write a story.
9.  Try to make perfect themselves in an activity or in a game.
10. Involve them in movement play for e.g jumping, dancing etc. It helps in physical and mental growth of your child.
11. Give them some responsible work to do for e.g watering plants, folding your clothes etc. Don't force them to do this type of work. Only request them.
12. Involve them with yourself in kitchen also.
13. Play your school time game with your kids.
14. Give time to their school work also.

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