How to drink beer in a right way?

As everybody used to say that don't drink alcohol, it is not good for health. But no body knows that it is having too much benefits also.
Like, drinking beer is very good for health. It is good for our heart. It helps in loosing the weight.
It improves eyesight. It has more benefits on our skin and hair also.

But do you know how to drink beer in a right way?

Here are some tips to drink beer in a right way.
1. When you are an empty stomach then don't drink because in an empty stomach you can feel drunk faster.
2. Always choose the right beer and beer should be chilled.
3. Don't drink it from bottle.
4. Always use mugs, glasses to drink beer.
5. Always fill beer glass in a 45 degree angle.
6. Always start with a small sip.
7. The most important is that always know your limits.
    Never drink and drive.

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