How New Zealand has got the victory in elimination of COVID 19 virus


In today’s time everybody is very much panic about 
COVID-19(Corona virus). Due to this virus everybody has been locked like we people are also locked in our houses.
Lock down has been declared in all over the world. Every country is trying to eliminate this virus.
The full doctor team is also there to find the medicine for this virus. But New Zealand has become the first country to eliminate this virus.

What steps they have followed for the elimination of this virus.

On March 15, when New Zealand had only 100 confirmed cases and no deaths, it closed its borders to foreign travelers and made people coming home quarantine for 14 days.
Then after some days,  introduced full lock down , which were strict by international standards. Only grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals and gas stations could stay open, vehicle travel was restricted, and social interaction was limited within the house only.
They followed the lock down in a very restricted manner.
Those restrictions lasted for over a month before they were slowly eased again. Now, all social and economic restrictions have been lifted, and only border restrictions remain.
New Zealand has very small population, despite of this, the other countries should learn from it how to move swiftly.
If the virus is stopped then a country can also start its economic recovery sooner.

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