How Germany has maintained its economy during corona virus?

In today's time every country is facing the problem of corona virus. Till now there is no medicine for this. It is also affecting the economy of our country.
But how Germany is able to maintain its economy during this time?

Germany is spending 60% of its GDP to help economy while other countries are spending 10% of their GDP.
Germany has taken the early action to fight against corona virus for e.g they bought additional ventilators , educating the doctors and nurses.
They have taken the useful measures for good healthcare.

In Germany if you are living on rent, and you are citizen of Germany , and affected by corona then you don't have to pay any rent. They make it illegal to kick out of your home.
In this way you can live in your home and can pay your rent by 2022 when your situation improves.

The lock down has affected the financial condition too much so Germany decided not to take taxes from people in this year. They can pay their taxes next year.
And if you are still struggling then Germany will help you financially.

The Germany government is helping financially too much so no employee should be fired from his job.

In this way Germany is now free from this virus and its economy is also maintained.

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