Can we do meditation after workout?

Meditation is the state of dhyana. Meditation keeps our mind calm. We feel so much relax after meditation.If we have too many disparate thoughts, then also we will not be able to focus. A disperse mind is difficult to control when we are trying to meditate. Truth is that we have to live in state of dhyana.

Meditation is a good way to improve your metabolism and muscle growth.

We always used to do so many exercises to keep ourselves fit. We also want to do meditation after our exercises but we dont know whether it is a right way to do meditation after exercise or not.

Oh yes! We can do meditation after workout. There will be no problem at all and we will have some benefits also.

It is easier to meditate after workout. We generally enjoy meditation after workout , body gets relax and at this time we are in happy state so we must do meditation.

Meditating after workout makes it easier to get rest time in. You can focus on your energy. Blood circulation improves. Heart rate can return to normal rate.

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