Always smile and smile away your condemnation

Smile is the medicine for all the problems. A smile helps you to live happily. A smile helps you to live away free from stress. A smile increases the blood circulation in your body.
Always be happy when people even criticize you. Always welcome to the people who are criticizing you.
People are in the habit of criticizing, but always ignore that and keep smiling.

Have you heard about the story of Lord Shiva regarding this criticism?

One day Lord Shiva and his consort, Parvati was on a world tour with their bull Nandi.
When people saw them, they were criticized by saying that, how foolish they are. They both are healthy and fit and we're sitting on a bull. After hearing this both of them immediately came down from their bull.
They decided that Parvati would sit alone on the bull and Lord Shankar would walk along aside.
At this time people were criticizing that seriously man has become the slave of the women.
After hearing this Parvati came down and said, Lord Shiva, to sit alone on Nandi.
But people again criticized by saying that a strong, healthy man is sitting on a bull and lady is walking along aside him.
With no other option left Lord Shankar and Parvati decided to carry Nandi on their shoulders.

By this story it is clear that there is no standard behaviour or action of any one. It is fruitless to waste your time and energy in all these issues.

If you are seriously lover of God then don't think about any comments and don't take it seriously.
Always be happy.

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